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Daily Dynamic

Schedule break down

Campers arrive, and wake up by playing sports prior to the school day. Logging in on Time, campers will be prepared for their virtual class.
During class time, kids will have an easy, productive, and cool learning experience. Proctors will be available for academic questions or technical issues.
During Fun Time, campers enjoy their breaks from classes by playing limitless sports. Activity directors will be supervising, and then back to classes.
campers have the freedom (with supervision) to utilize the Indoor/Outdoor turf fields. Tables, chairs, and water will be provided. 
When kids get hungry, Snacks/energy drinks will be available to purchase. With a huge amount of space, campers will a blast spending their free-time.
For the campers who have Zoom Classes, the space will keep them focused on their class. If not, campers will utilize break time by doing other work/homework.
campers can socialize, eat lunch, and play sports
Since steelyard is air-conditioned, kids will be in a cool and comfortable environment -up to the camper for class. 
For kids who like baseball, lacrosse, soccer, Batting cages and goals make break time into a mini practice. Have a catch or shoot around instead of be locked up at home. 
Proctors will also be available for tutoring or other help, and academics come become sports. If a camper is all caught up with their classes, they can enjoy free time
Multiple Bathrooms are available, and Phones are allowed with 
consent by the parent, although not encouraged. 
For the last class, campers finish the day strong, and get future work out of the way. 
Parent Pick Up, and campers end the day with fun. Pizza and Ice Cream are rewards for a hard days worth of academic work and physical play. 
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